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Start Game App Reskin with 7 Easy Steps


Many developers lose time, money, and energy developing an app if it doesn’t perform well. Game App Reskin helps reduce this lost time and revenue.

App or Game development is pricey, but developing an app or game doesn’t always need to be from scratch; you’ll be able to, instead, reskin your app or game. Even you can hire Shekh Lab to complete Game App Reskin to save your time and money. We have some success stories in this case.

In this article, I will be able to tell you the 6 Keynotes you’ll use the technique of app reskinning by spending a fraction of the cash you spend on developing an app from scratch. you’ll learn the definition and samples of app reskinning and 8 steps to reskinning an app.

What Is App Reskinning?

App or Game reskinning means denveloping an already existing ASCII text file during a new design. You’ll also slightly modify or develop the ASCII text file, as long as the most idea remains an equivalent. Although this process is far more popular in gaming apps, it is often through with all types of apps.

When you are browsing through the app store, you would possibly encounter some similar-looking apps, ones that have an identical idea and style but aren’t precisely the same. Those are reskinned apps.

Here are some popular samples of what app or game reskinning looks like:

Talking Tom and Friends


Outfit7 is understood for its app Talking Tom and Friends, a virtual cat that repeats what users say.

After the success of Talking Tom, Outfit7 reskinned it and created Talking Ben, Talking Ginger, and Talking Angela. All of those apps are similar but with different characters.

talking Tom and Friends received 300 million downloads within 19 months of the app’s launch. In January 2017, Outfit7 was sold for about $1 billion.

The King Sagas


King, an interactive entertainment company, has developed reskinned games like Candy Crush Saga, Pet Rescue Saga, Soda Saga, and Bubble Witch 3 Saga.

Game App Reskin 6 Keynotes:

I have broken the reskinning process into Six Steps which will function your checklist once you begin app reskinning.

Step 1. Use Development Tools

Gaining some knowledge regarding development tools helps you communicate your app idea smoothly to developers and designers. As a result, you’ll economize by requesting exactly what must be done.

Development tools are different for both iOS and Android.

iOS: XCode

If you would like to reskin an app for iOS, then you want to skills to use the tool XCode, Apple’s IDE (Integrated Development Environment) where developers write code for iOS and Mac apps.

XCode is simply like Microsoft Word or Keynote; you don’t got to be knowledgeable programmer to find out to use this. After a couple of tutorials(link is external), you’ll know the positions of important buttons and menu options, and you’ll also find out how to create and test your device.

Android: Android Studio

The IDE for Android apps is Android Studio.

Android Studio is where you write, edit, and save your projects and project-related files. It also gives you access to Android SDK (Software Development Kit), which helps you run programs smoothly. There are many video(link is external) and text tutorials(link is external) which will assist you find out how it works. Google has also made Android Studio more understandable by offering tutorials(link is external).

Step 2. Find the ASCII text file

A ASCII text file is that the skeleton of your app. There are two ways of obtaining a source code:

Develop a private Code

Developing a private code means you’ll develop a singular code for yourself supported your own idea. you’ll have the copyrights thereto code.

You can either reach bent a developer or just hire a freelancer to develop your personal code. Once the code is developed, get help from a designer and make as many reskins of your app as you would like .

Purchase the Code

Buying a code is far more frugal than having it developed; there are source codes as cheap as $20. However, buying these codes is that the same as requesting a license to use them. you are doing not own the first code but instead receive a replica of it.

A ASCII text file are often bought through various marketplaces available online. Simply type “app source code” in Google, and you’ll see a spread of marketplaces, including Codecanyon, SellMyApp and Codester.

There are two sorts of licensed code you’ll purchase: limited and unlimited.

A limited license allows you to reskin the app for a hard and fast number of times (sometimes once). The unlimited license enables you to reskin the maximum amount as you would like .

The only drawback with licensed versions is that you simply cannot sell your app code, as you are doing not own the code.

Step 3. Research Trends within the App Store

You have the thought , and you’ve got the code. Now what?

Before starting to reskin your app, research each app store thoroughly. specialize in trending apps during a similar domain as yours, then note everything about them.

Look for the keywords they need used, the type of description they need written, and therefore the sort of demographics they attract. Sketch out the features your competitors lack that you simply can improve upon.

At now , you’ll have clarity on the sort of OS you’re getting to choose and therefore the audience you’ll target.

Step 4. Begin App Reskinning

After you’ve got chosen the themes you would like for your app, you’re able to reskin. you’ll either hire an app developer (Android or iOS, consistent with the platform you’ve got chosen), otherwise you can roll in the hay yourself. If you select to try to to it yourself, you would like to possess a sound knowledge of editing programs like GIMP, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Acorn.

Always keep high-quality design your top priority. search for the first graphic asset and therefore the parts of the codes it refers to. you’ll find it during a particular folder of your app. you’ll either roll in the hay yourself or ask your designer to assist you discover those files.

Once you’ve got access thereto , note the file size, number of graphics, and dimensions for every graphic. This process is important to match the redesigned files with original elements and also because those graphics will later combine to make one design.

After changing the outlook, don’t forget to check your app.

Check some of our Game App Reskin Portfolio here: Maruf Shekh

Step 6. Design a Professional Game App Icon:

design game app icon

The first stuff you got to understand when beginning to make an icon is what exactly an app icon is and what job it performs. An app icon may be a visual anchor for your product. consider it as a small piece of branding that not only must look attractive and stand out, but ideally also communicates the essence of your application.

In this step, you need to make an awesome app/game icon for your game or app.

We make the professional game/app icon. Place order on Fiverr or Directly at our Office Shekh Lab. To get direct support, knock us at WhatsApp: +8801680009828

Step 5. found out Developer Account & Advertising Networks

The next step is to check in for advertising networks and developer accounts.

Advertising Networks: a corporation that acts as a liaison between advertisers and app developers. They gather ads from advertisers and sell them to app publishers and developers. Thus, they assist advertisers find an area for his or her ads and help the developers monetize their apps.

Developer Account: After the app is formed , you would like a developer account to publish and manage that app within the market. To publish Android apps, a developer account is formed on Google Play with a one-time registration fee of $25. For iOS apps, an account on Apple Store is formed for an annual fee of $99.

After signing up for the developer account, you’ve got to settle on one or more reliable and well-paying advertising networks. it’s smart to first test between two to 3 networks to watch the impressions. There are various ad networks you’ll choose between , like | one among the most important ad-tech companies worldwide, AdMob, Chartboost, Millennial Media, StartApp, and InMobi.

Step 6. Market Your App

After uploading your app to your required app store, it’s time to plug it.

Your app isn’t getting to gain success on its own. Add your optimized title, description, keywords, and screenshots of your app to extend its visibility within the app stores.

Keywords are the source through which users find an app. If you optimize your title and outline supported the keywords, your app will rank and can be shown in top results for that keyword. Screenshots enable users to ascertain the app’s functionality.

Do not forget to market it on various platforms like video channels, blogs, and social media. this may help earn maximum revenue from your game app reskin.

To get all the above mentioned service in a single package, contact us directly at WhatsApp: +8801680009828 or create an account on Shekh Lab and place order there. You can place order on fiverr too using these profile: marufshekh or shekhlab.

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